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Choose Your Model and Laminate:
Quantity: Worksurface:
Workbench Height: Worksurface Dimensions:
Base Color: Laminate Color:
Accessories for Your Workbench:
Most accessories require the use of uprights. If you choose an option that requires uprights, they will automatically be configured into your quote.
  Folding Free Standing Shelf (No Uprights Required)
  Free Standing Shelf (No Uprights Required)
  Full Depth Bottom Shelf
  Half Depth Bottom Shelf
  Cubbies (Attaches Under Surface)
  Adjustable Laminate Shelf (Requires Uprights)
  Adjustable Wire Shelf (Requires Uprights)
  Roll Out Bottom Shelves (Freestanding)
  Pull Out Shelves (Attaches Under the Surface)
Most overhead lights require a light frame to attach to the uprights. Choose your light option and we will configure the proper light frame and add it to your quote.
Lighting:   Standard Overhead Lighting
  Sealed Fixture Overhead Lighting (Class 100)
Power Strips:
  Back Mounted Power Strip (No Uprights Required)
  Upright Mounted Power Strip
  Power Panel
  Frame Mounted Power (Font of Bench)
  Frame Mounted Power (Back of Bench)
Number of Outlets per Bench:    
  Overhead Sliding Door Cabinets (Requires Uprights)
  Secure Electronics Cabinet
  13.5" Cabinet
  20" Cabinet
  Single 13.5" Drawer
  Single 20" Drawer
  13.5" Drawer Stack
  20" Drawer Stack
Drawer stacks can be configured with various depths from 2" - 12" deep. The average drawer stack has no more than 3 drawers. Please specify the depth of the drawers you would like. (ex. A 3 drawer stack of two 6" drawers and one 12" drawer have a total height of 24".)
Drawer Stack Depth:    
  Deluxe Sliding Keyboard Tray
  CPU Holder
  Retractable Keyboard Shelf
  Sliding Keyboard Tray
  Type 1 Fixed Footrest
  Type 2 Adjustable Footrest
  Type 3 Adjustable Footrest with Footpad
Footrest Finish:   Painted
Casters & Leg Extenders:
  6" Phenolic Casters (For H-Series)
  Painted Steel Leg Extenders
(6" of Adjustability on 2" Increments)
  4" Urethane Casters
  5" Urethane Casters
Misc Accessories:
  Bin Rails
  Tool Balancer
  Steel Peg Board
  Articulating Shelf
  Monitor Holder
  Roller Holder
  Wire Management Grommet
  Back Edge Rails
  Side Edge Rails
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