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Ricca Chemical pH Buffers

Quality Control

We represent the leading names in high quality pH buffers for pH calibration and reaction control. Our vendors' pH buffer's specifications will ensure accuracy every time because the quality is in the specifications. Choose from a complete line of pH buffers ranging from pH 1 to pH 13. The more commonly used buffers (pH 4, 7, 10) are available as clear or color-coded solutions for easier identification in any setting. Alternative color-coding is available for other pH values. Our vendors do not use formaldehyde or mercury compounds as preservatives or chromium compounds as colorants, thus making our buffers safer to use and dispose of.

Our Buffers Feature:

  • Identical specifications on all pH reference buffers
  • Certified Traceable to NIST Standard Reference Material
  • Tightest specifications in the industry
  • pH 4, 7 and 10 available colorless and color-coded
  • 500mL to 20L sizes

Why Buy from Us?

Our vendors are held to the tightest specifications in the industry, with the lowest lot-to-lot variability. Their buffers are processed in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, FDA, and cGMP-compliant facilities across North America, which means that you get the fastest delivery anywhere.

We offer a broad selection of in stock pH buffers, ready-to-ship when you need it. Don't see the method or size you are looking for? You can also e-mail us, or request a quote.

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pH Calibration Buffers

Precision Buffers

With the tightest specifications in the industry, our pH Calibration Precision Buffers feature specifications of +/- 0.002 @25°C, (with pH 10 +/- 0.005), providing you with the highest accuracy in pH calibration to ensure your pH results are of the highest quality.

Reference Buffers

All pH Buffer Reference Standards with specifications of +/[email protected]°C are certified traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials with multiple sizes, and our most popular buffers offered in multiple colors to provide you with the accuracy you expect, with ultimate convenience.

Buffer Concentrates

5x Concentrate Buffers are designed for those with storage limitations. Simply dilute with 4 parts water before use.

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pH Control Buffers

With the tightest specifications in the industry, out pH Control Buffers help you maintain a constant pH for a wide range of applications, with stability, purity, and consistency you can trust.

Acetate Buffers

Dissolution Buffers

Phosphate Buffers

Ricca pH Test Strips pH Test Strips

Simplify water quality testing with pH Test strips. Balances are calibrated regularly with weights certified traceable to the NIST national mass standard.

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