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CleanPro® pass-thru cabinets allow you to move a product from one environment to another without affecting the cleanliness levels in your cleanroom. Request a free quote, and our cleanroom experts will ensure you get the best product for your needs.

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Pass-Through Cambers
Assembled Stainless Steel
Pass-Through Cambers
BioSafe® Stainless Steel
Pass-Through Chambers

These Pass-Thrus feature white high pressure laminate on all interior and exterior surfaces with 3/4" thick, high density particle board core for widths up to 28".

Standard Stainless Steel Pass-Thrus feature an interior that is smooth and easy to wipe down, and meet USP 800 cleaning requirements. Interior floors are completely flush, with no front lip to clean around.

BioSafe® Pass-Thrus feature smooth radius corners and BioSeal™ doors that seal against non-contaminating, chemically-resistant polyurethane gaskets for the most secure fit in aseptic applications.