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Many cleanroom service providers want to work only on a turn-key basis. We’ve helped many industrial customers who are not necessarily targeting a specific cleanroom classification, but are simply trying to isolate an operation to keep it cleaner. They have skilled facilities personnel on staff and just need a source for the specialized clean room equipment. We have assembled the best in class clean room components and can provide the advice you need to get the job done at the best overall value.

Our most basic isolation area consists of a ceiling grid, HEPA filters, sealed lights, sealed tiles and a curtain that are suspended from above. This configuration can achieve cleanliness levels up to ISO Class 6 (Fed. Class 1,000) or even higher. Applications include injection molding, optical inspection, parts cleaning, laser welding and more.

How it Works

  • Powered fan filter unit draws the air from above the clean space.
  • HEPA filtered air pressurizes the clean space keeping particles out. And downward velocity pushes any particulate generated in the room to the floor and out of the space.
  • 2" heavy duty t-grid supported from existing ceiling every 4 feet. Easy leveling with rod and turnbuckle adjustment.
  • T-clips allow a curtain to be hung from the t-grid. This can make a wall or partition within the clean space.
  • Curtains with an RF welded hook bead make installation easy. The natural strain relief extends the life of the curtain.
  • The air gap at the base of the curtain is engineered to allow the right level of exhaust air.
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