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We are an international supplier and direct manufacturer's representative. Our locations across the United States allow faster stock and distribution of supplies for critical processes. We work with manufacturers directly to provide the purest water on the market.

Our hand-picked vendors who must meet the tightest specifications in the industry with the lowest lot-to-lot variability. We help you identify the proper high-purity water solution for ISO 17025, FDA, USP, or cGMP-compliant facilities. You'll enjoy consolidating a source for nearly any water grade including sterile, LC/MS, HPLC, ACS-ASTM, USP, or bulk distilled water.

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We offer a broad selection of in-stock, high-purity water solutions online that are ready to ship today. Don't see the water specification you are looking for? Every day we help customers identify a source for unique manufacturing processes with end-to-end product support. Call during business hours, request a quote online, or send us an email.

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Reagent Water

Improve control in critical diagnostic procedures by using this reagent grade water in place of deionized or distilled water. Most commonly used in laboratory environments where microbial specifications aren't a concern, our reagent grade water is tested to the latest ACS & ASTM requirements. Glass containers are available on request if you require very low organic levels.

  • Ideal for reconstituting chemistry or coagulation products, preparing analytical standards or rinsing delicate electrodes
  • Prepared at 18 megohm/cm specific resistance using reverse osmosis, mixed bed deionization, activated carbon filtration and final filtration to 0.2 micron
  • Essentially free from organic and inorganic particulate and soluble contaminants
  • Contains no preservatives

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Purified Water

Our purified water is manufactured by a continuous process that has been validated under cGMP to meet USP and EP requirements. This water has a low microbial count, but is not filled in a sterile area or into sterilized containers, therefore, this water is not sterile and should not be used for injection or parenteral solution preparation.

  • Ideal for pharmaceutical testing
  • Validated under cGMP
  • Tested to the latest USP & EP requirements
  • Low microbial count, non-sterile

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Deionized Water

This water is specially purified by conventional water softening, prefiltration, activated carbon organic adsorption, reverse osmosis, mixed bed triple deionization, ultraviolet light irradiation, and 0.2 micron membrane filtration. It is certified to meet the latest ACS & ASTM requirements.

Shop Online: ACS-Grade | ASTM Type I | ASTM Type II

Additional Water Solutions Available by Request

Don't see the method or size you are looking for? You can also e-mail us, or fill out the form below, and our sales experts will help you select the right chemical.

Ricca pH Test Strips pH Test Strips

Simplify water quality testing with pH Test strips. Balances are calibrated regularly with weights certified traceable to the NIST national mass standard.

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Distilled Water

High-purity water processed through an additional distillation step for methods that require distilled water. Packaged in specially cleaned packaging.

HPLC Water

Water used in general laboratories for LC/HPLC/UPLC testing. Suitable for UV Spectrophotometry and Liquid Chromatography. Packaged in amber glass bottles.

LC/MS Water

Water with low UV Absorptivity to provide the most sensitive detection across all wavelengths. Suitable for use with critical LC/MS Applications, mobile phase preparation, blanks and sample dilution.

Specifically purified under our exacting conditions and tested to the tightest tolerances for the lowest lot-to-lot variability, maximizing the quality of your data and life of your equipment.

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