Conveyor Workstations

Arlink Conveyor Workstation IAC Industries Conveyor Workstation Arlink Conveyor Workstation Arlink Conveyor Workstation
Roller Conveyor Workstation Conveyor systems add speed and efficiency to your production lines.

Roller Conveyor Systems

These conveyors have metal or plastic rollers inlaid into the worksurface or mounted in a frame system and can be operated either manually (gravity feed) or power driven.

Ideal for moving large objects like boxes or tote bins, or when operator pacing is preferred.

Ball Transfer System Ball Transfer Systems

These systems utilize rotating stainless steel balls, seating individually within metal flanged cylinders that are on top or inset into the worksurface. These stainless steel balls are smooth so they easily rotate in place. Each ball unit is capable of lifting up to 20 lbs.

  • Fixed ball transfer system is designed for simple transport of objects.
  • Pneumatic "pop-up" or "retractable" is designed for applications in which the worksurface sees duty for both transport and as a task work area.

These ball systems have been specifically designed for integration with workstations. Pattern configurations can be customized according to your needs and applications.

Typical Pop-Up Pattern Configurations
Pneumatic Actuator
Foot operated pneumatic actuator
Below worksurface mounted pneumatic actuator
Foot operated pneumatic actuator.
Below worksurface mounted pneumatic actuator.

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