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Cramer chairs and stools are designed from the ground up to last in challenging environments. Their aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced bases, steel seat pans, back plates, and integrated steel arm structures carry the most aggressive three-shift warranties in the industry.

Cramer Seating Features:

Build-to-Order with 5 Day Lead Times
Cramer builds each chair to order, because they build to your specifications, not someone else's But that doesn't mean you have to wait; Cramer is very efficient. Most orders will ship in less than 5 days.
Fully Adjustable Fit
Cramer models easily adjust to accommodate a range of worker sizes and task requirements throughout the day. Molded foam construction adds performance, comfort, and durability to your chair.
24/7 Durability with Superior Warranties
Cramer engineers and warranties their chairs specifically for on-going 24-hour use: mechanisms remain fluid and frames stay sturdy. It's a bottom line decision: get the right chairs for the job and you'll spend less money and increase productivity.

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