Milagon ESD Comfort Matta

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A Work Matta ESD work surface will provide protection to ESD sensitive components and assemblies from electrostatic discharge in two ways:
• As an anti-static area that will not allow static electricity to be generated at potentially hazardous levels.
• By removing the charge from a conductive object placed on the surface.

Milagon SDMCB1 ESD Comfort Matta Closed Tile, Black, 20" x 20"   +$69.11
Milagon IAGPSS008 ESD Matta Grounding Plate, 2.75" x 5"   +$11.68

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Work Matta ESD should always be installed by a qualified or technically competent person. Consideration needs to be given to the level of conductivity of the existing surface on which Work Matta ESD will be positioned as it may affect the levels of resistivity achieved by the tiles.

Proper cleaning and maintenance as well as ongoing ESD dissipative checks of the installation must also be completed at regular intervals to insure the continued effectiveness of the Work Matta ESD surface.

For proper and safe grounding an ESD mat must be linked directly to, and at the same potential as, the building’s ground or "green wire" - an ESD common point ground terminal is essential. There are several types of grounding methods to choose from, including the patented Matta Grounding Plate System which is ideally suited to the modular, interlocking design of Work Matta ESD. Patented Multi-connection

Matta Grounding Plates with ‘male’ connectors are laid under the mats at intervals of six mats - plates can attach at the 'crossroads' or vertices of four mats - and must then be connected, with grounding wire and female connectors, to an grounding point in the building. The grounding connection can be a single point attached to one of the 'network' of plates, or each plate can be individually attached to the ground.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K100810
Brand Milagon
ESD Properties Dissipative
Thickness 1"
Surface Patterned
Material PVC
Warranty 5 Years