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Permabond AA001500050T0101

LH150 Threadsealer, 50mL Tube

Permabond®'s LH150 Pipe Sealant with Teflon® is an excellent general purpose pipe sealant that has accelerated curing properties. Accelerated curing properties of Permabond®'s LH150 Pipe Sealant allows for optimum performance on steel and certain plated fittings. Instant sealing is achieved of up to 1000 psi upon limited hand tightening. After cure, the sealing capability is up to the burst rating of the typical pipe. The low locking strength allows easy disassembly. Permabond®'s LH150 Pipe Sealant is approved by Underwriters Laboratory.

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  • Lower Cost Per Application
  • Full Cure at Room Temperature
  • Easy to Use & Apply
  • Directional Freedom
  • Low Shrinkage During Cure
  • Uncured Material Fully Dissolves in Water
  • Nonflammable
  • Will not Tear, Shred, or Gall Fitting
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Superior Resistance to a Wide Range of Chemicals
  • Full Cure Seal to the Burst Rating of Pipe
  • Environmentally Friendly

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I167143
MFG Part Number AA001500050T0101
Brand Permabond
Shipping Weight 1.0000
Type Threadsealer
Size 50ml