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Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Wipers

All cleanroom wipes are bagged to prevent particulate contamination. Presaturated and sterile wipers are great for easy cleaning.

Low-Linting Industrial Wipes

Low-Linting Industrial Wipers

Our standard nonwoven, microfiber, polyester and cotton standard industrial wipers are ideal for light cleaning applications.

Lab & Healthcare Wipes

Lab & Healthcare Wipers

Knit and nonwoven polyester, polycellulose blend and cellulose wipes are ideal for healthcare and USP environments.

Microelectronics Wipes

Microelectronics Wipers

ESD-safe anti-static wipes prevent damage to sensitive electronics devices. Presaturated wipes are great for flux removal.

Stencil Wipes

Stencil Cleaning Wipers

Remove solder paste, flux, oils, epoxies and other residues when printing with these stencil cleaning wipes.

Stencil Rolls

Stencil Rolls

Keep stencil apertures clear of paste and flux residues on SMT screen printing lines with these stencil rolls.