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Cleanroom Carts & Transport

Cleanroom Utility Carts

Cleanroom Utility Carts

These cleanroom carts are available with open wire or solid stainless steel shelves and can be outfitted with autoclavable casters.

Cleanroom Tool Cart

Cleanroom Tool Carts

These cleanroom tool carts are built from type 304 stainless steel and feature fully extendable, locking drawers.

Wafer Cart

Semiconductor Carts

Our semiconductor and medical carts include FOUP, reticle mask and wafer carts, manufacturered to precise standards.

Desiccator Cart

Desiccator Carts

Our enclosed transport carts can be purged with nitrogen to maintain clean, dry conditions, and prevent particulate contamination.

IPA Wetting Cart

IPA Wetting Carts

These carts provide convenient access to cleanroom wipers wetted with IPA. Double-walled construction for fire safety.

Chemical Safety Cart

Chemical Safety Carts

Chemical-resistant carts facilitate the safe transport of dangerous and flammable materials, helping to contain spills.

Palbam Cleanroom Carts Catalog

Custom cleanroom carts are available.

Click here to view the full catalog.