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Recirculating & Exhaust Benches

Recirculating and exhaust laminar flow bench diagram

Both Vertical and Horizontal Laminar flow benches eventually push the air and any contamination that is swept away into the general working area. In instances where you want to trap contaminants such as fine dust particles, you can use a recirculating vertical flow bench. The HEPA filtered air provides a positive pressure contaminant free environment. The air is recirculated through the system so any process generated contaminant is trapped in a pre-filter and/or HEPA filter which can be disposed of as needed.

For applications where we want the operator and surrounding environment to be completely isolated from any contamination we use an exhausting Laminar Flow Bench. The blower provides a HEPA filtered contaminant free environment and any process generated contaminant is drawn out of the bench using an auxiliary blower so it can be vented to an appropriate facility location. This type of bench is often used where fumes or hazardous materials are present such as USP 800 classified drug compounding applications.

The complexity of such systems requires a fair amount of specification review. If you’d like to cover the details of your application, please contact one of our experts or submit any questions on the request for quote form below.

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