Cleanroom Monitoring & Testing

Need site-wide monitoring or hand-held measurements to root out problem areas on room a by room basis? Cleanroom optical particle counters and anemometers offer portability, accuracy, and easy use. The self-contained devices allow local and off-site testing of air quality, air speed, HVAC efficacy.

State of the art optical particle sampling technology allows detection of aerosols from 0.3-10 microns. Local data is captured and displayed on-screen, transmitted via Wi-Fi, or hardwired to a dedicated facility monitoring control. Get instant feedback on cleanroom air quality and particulate counts.

Airy Technology Handheld Particle Counter

Handheld Particle Counters

Handheld particle counters provide spot checking over smaller, localized areas for proactive assessments on a day-to-day basis.

Particles Plus Remote Particle Counter

Remote Particle Counters

Remote particle counters connect to a dedicated facility monitoring system (FMS) and thus do not require on-screen displays.

Kanomax Portable Particle Counter

Portable Particle Counters

Portable particle counters handle a higher volume of air flow than handheld units, and provide a dedicated solution for long-term data collection.

Kanomax Vane Anemometer

Vane Anemometers

Vane anemometers measure velocity and volumetric flow rate for industrial ventilation systems, and cleanroom HVAC systems.

Kanomax Hotwire Anemometer

Hotwire Anemometers

Hot Wire Anemometers operate best when air velocity is low or at near standard air conditions. Common used in HVAC ventilation testing.

Particles Plus Particle Counter How to Choose the Right Cleanroom Particle Counter

Cleanroom particle counters differ widely based upon particle threshold, cost, and features. How to do you determine if you need a particle counter or what model of particle counter to purchase? Learn more.

Particle Counter Calibration How Often Do Particle Counters Need Calibration?

For ISO 14644 compliance, all particle counting equipment requires a calibration certificate. The frequency of testing varies for pharmaceutical applications and general manufacturing. Learn more.