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Palbam Class Cleanroom Garment Rack

Our selection of garment racks provide a range of solutions for your cleanroom garment storage. Chrome, brushed or electropolished stainless steel models provide a range of finishes to fit your budget and required level of cleanliness. Hanger rail, fixed hanger slot or garment hook styles give you options for garment spacing and theft-prevention. And, freestanding or wall-mounted models can accommodate any gowning room floor plan.

Recommended Gowning Room Design

The simplest and most economical approach to solving improper gowning procedures is a correctly designed gowning area, complete with well designed change room products, that keeps personnel on a clean track. View our recommended Gowning Room Design & Protocol for a guideline in designing an ideal gowning area that keeps personnel on a clean track.

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Wall Mounted Cleanroom Garment Rack Wall Mounted
Wall mounted garment racks offer a space-efficient solution when floor space is at a minimum. Browse Wall Mounted Racks

Single-Sided Cleanroom Garment Rack Single-Sided
Single-sided freestanding garment racks provide a clean, convenient way to keep your cleanroom garments organized.
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Double-Sided Cleanroom Garment Rack Double-Sided
Double-sided freestanding garment racks are ideal for placement in an open area of your gowning room.
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Cleanroom Garment Rack with Hanger Tube Hanger Rail
Hanger rail models accommodate either closed-loop or detachable hangers.
Browse Racks with Hanger Rails

Cleanroom Garment Rack with Fixed Hanger Slots Fixed Hanger Slots
Reduce metal-on-metal contact and keep garments optimally spaced.
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Cleanroom Garment Rack with Garment Hooks Garment Hooks
If you're tired of replacing lost or stolen hangers, garment hooks provide a fixed and theft-deterring garment storage solution.
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Chrome finish is affordable, durable, and is easy-to-clean.
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Brushed Stainless Steel
Brushed stainless steel finish offers an affordable, yet attractive look.
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Electropolished Stainless Steel
The electropolishing process increases the durability of the stainless steel and minimizes particle shedding.
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Terra Universal Logo

Terra Universal garment racks provide a clean, convenient way to keep your cleanroom garments organized. Terra's electropolishing process ensures ultra-smooth, noncontaminating surfaces that won't snag garments or wipers.

Palbam Class Logo

The gowning room is often the first impression for employees and visitors alike. Palbam Class products are guaranteed to ensure that your company will give the best possible impression, while serving all cleanliness and functional requirements.

Eagle Group Logo

Eagle garment racks come in wall-mounted, or freestanding single- or double-sided models. They are available with hanger tubes, hanger slots or garment hooks.

Metro Shelving Logo Metro Shelving Logo

Metro's garment racks are designed to provide efficient storage of cleanroom garments. Freestanding models can be made conductive with the addition of heavy-duty aluminum split sleeves.