Garment Racks

Our selection of garment racks provide a range of solutions for your cleanroom garment storage. Chrome, brushed or electropolished stainless steel models provide a range of finishes to fit your budget and required level of cleanliness. Hanger rail, fixed hanger slot or garment hook styles give you options for garment spacing and theft-prevention. And, freestanding or wall-mounted models can accommodate any gowning room floor plan.

Gowning racks with hanger rails accommodate either closed-loop or detachable hangers. Racks with fixed hanger slots reduce metal-on-metal contact and keep garments optimally spaced. If you're tired of replacing lost or stolen hangers, garment hooks provide a fixed and theft-deterring garment storage solution.

Wall-Mounted Cleanroom Gowning Rack

Wall-MountedGowning Racks

Wall-mounted cleanroom garment racks offer a space-efficient solution when floor space is at a minimum.

Single-Sided Cleanroom Gowning Rack

Single-SidedGowning Racks

Single-sided freestanding garment racks provide a clean, convenient way to keep your cleanroom garments organized.

Double-Sided Cleanroom Gowning Rack

Double-SidedGowning Racks

Double-sided freestanding garment racks are ideal for placement in an open area of your gowning room.