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Lab & Healthcare Furniture

Phenolic Resin Lab Worktable

Lab & Healthcare Worktables

Our lab tables are constructed of corrosion-proof, easy-to-clean materials, making them ideal for lab and healthcare environments.

Mobile Workstation Cart

Lab & Healthcare Carts

From anti-microbial utility carts to battery powered mobile workstation carts, we've got your mobile needs covered.

MetroMount Wall Mounted Workstation

Wall Mounted Workstations

Durable wall-mounted information systems keep information and patient data available at the point-of-care.

Vinyl Lab Chair from BioFit

Lab & Healthcare Seating

Lab & healthcare seating resists chemical & physical damage and is easy-to-clean where hygiene is a concern.

MetroMax iQ Lab Furniture

Shelving & Storage

Our durable lab shelving and storage solutions will help you to organize and reclaim space in your lab or healthcare area.

Stainless Steel Lab Waste Receptacle

Waste Disposal

Browse our basic trash receptacles, mounted models, and hazardous material receptacles.