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In-Plant Handlers

Corstat In-Plant Handlers Conductive Containers Logo

Corstat® In-Plant Handlers are a low cost static shielding solution. The totes feature bent-over double walls for increased durability.

With 37 different tote sizes and hundreds of cell configurations, Corstat® has a product for your in-plant transportation needs.

Conductive Containers In-Plant Handlers Catalog

To view the full Conductive Containers In-Plant Handlers catalog, click here.

Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers Protektive Pak Logo

Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers provide ESD and physical protection for ESD sensitive circuit boards and components.

They feature double sides, double or triple ends and single or double bottoms to meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 & ANSI/ESD S541 Standards.

Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers Catalog

To view the full Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers catalog, click here.

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