BGA Socketing Systems

Socket Adapter System Flip-Top™ BGA Test Sockets SMT Adapters BGA Interposers
Socket Adapter System Flip-Top™ BGA Test Socket SMT Adapters BGA Interposers

Exclusive solder ball terminal design provides a stronger solder joint while compensating for minor coplanarity issues on the PC board surface. Solder balls provide more solder on each joint than less-effective solder bump terminal designs, ensuring a reliable connection.

  • Multi-finger, high reliability contacts ans screw-machined terminals for superior reliability.
  • Enables BGA or LGA devices to be plugged into a mating socket after soldering to a pinned adapter.
  • Over 1,000 footprints available from 1.27mm down to 0.50mm pitch.

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BGA Adapters
Fine Pitch BGA Adapters

Engineered for BGA and LGA device test, validation, development, and production socketing applications. Surface mount and through-hole designs from 0.50mm to 1.27mm pitch.

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Flip-Top BGA Test Sockets
Mod5 Flip-Top BGA Test Sockets

A solution for mounting or socketing LGA or re-worked BGA devices. May be used in connection with a BGA Socket for LGA to BGA conversion or bard to board applications.

  • Maximizes PCB real estate, only 2.0mm larger than LGA or BGA device.
  • Matches footprint of the BGA or LGA device - mating BGA sockets available.
  • Available with optional extraction slots for easy extraction of large I/O devices.

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A cost-effective method for converting lead-free BGA device packages for use on boards processed with lower temperature, Tin/Lead solder profiles, interposers overcome the increasing obsolescence of Tin/Lead device packages by converting the new lead-free devices back to Tin/Lead, eliminating the need to re-spin boards or qualify new reflow profiles in RoHS-exempt applications.

  • High temperature FR-4 adapter board closely matches original package size.
  • Same footprint as BGA device (currently available in 0.80mm, 1.0mm & 1.27mm pitch).

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