BGA Rework Systems

Metcal APR-1100-SRS BGA Rework System

A BGA rework station is a system technician’s use to alter printed circuit boards with ball grid array (BGA) packaging and surface-mounted devices (SMD). BGA rework systems allows technicians to refinish, rework, and repair SMDs. This includes removing defective parts, reinstalling incorrect placed parts, replacing any missing parts and removing non-working parts, upgrading pieces to a PCB, and correcting faulty BGA assembly.

BGA Rework System Features

  • Accuracy: BGA rework stations offer tools and various technologies to complete the rework job accurately and safely without damaging the entire device.
  • Efficiency: With various technologies from different brands, there are automated functions available and spilt-vision assist cameras to speed up rework jobs.
  • Versatility: A BGA rework system can handle high volumes of rework jobs on various PCB sizes.
  • Power: A BGA rework system does not lack the wattage power to get the task done. Wattage strength ranges from 400-4,000 watts or more.
  • Cost: The upfront cost is an investment, but a BGA rework system extends the lifetime of a PCB. It’s less expensive to rework a PCB than to buy or assemble a new one.

Our Advantages

Production Automation provides reverent BGA rework stations for assembly, repair, and validation. Sometimes, a customer only needs a localized solution for a particularly problematic package. Other times, we facilitate multi-site overhauls and upgrades for the world's most recognizable BGA manufacturers.

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We leverage over 40 years of soldering, rework, static control, and socket expertise. Why not get help with sourcing the right equipment the first time? We'll save you time, effort, and future incidents by coordinating directly with manufacturers all the way from invoice to final install.

Expertise, accessibility, and price leadership are among reasons that rework and repair facilities across the Americas choose PAC for BGA rework stations. Our customers know they'll get field-proven expertise and bulk discount pricing across the world's top brands and product lines.

Pushing your BGA rework equipment and technicians over capacity? Need updated equipment with tighter tolerances or new specifications? Need a facility-wide overhaul among a complex ecosystem of SMD and BGA? Our engineers and sales specialists are available every day to tackle specialized requests and underline solutions for problematic repairs.

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