Seamless ESD Floor Tiles

FreeStyle™ ESD is the first and only decorative flooring system that is "conductive, connected and grounded"™, and backed by a lifetime electrical and 10 year limited wear warranty. This unique and innovative flooring solution is easy to install without the need for messy adhesives, copper foil, underlayments or padding. This simplified and convenient installation process translates into less down time for your facility, which further translates into reduced costs and an improved bottom line. In addition, our floor tiles DO NOT require any conductive rejuvenators, wax, or expensive maintenance solutions.

Easy Maintenance

FreeStyle™ ESD is easy to clean and maintain. The tiles can be cleaned with standard neutral cleansers. We recommend our ProtectOhm cleaner for best results. The tiles can be cleaned by hand using a mop or sponge. A power scrubber or buffer can also be used to clean particularly tough stains and soiling. Walk-behind auto-scrubbers can also be used in larger applications.

Durable and Stain-Resistant

FreeStyle™ ESD has been tested for solvent/stain resistance per ASTM F-925-96 against a number of oils, acids, solvents, and staining agents.


FreeStyle™ ESD is manufactured with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, and is the only conductive flooring of its kind that can contribute to LEED™ points. Possessing LEED™ points or a LEED certification indicates that your organization exhibits an environmental consciousness, which can potentially equate to tax credits and or exemptions. Our LEED™ brochure gives more details on how our products contribute to LEED™.

FreeStyle ESD Flooring in a Cleanroom

FreeStyle ESD™ in a Modular, Portable Clean Room

FreeStyle ESD Flooring installed over Carpet

FreeStyle ESD™ Installed On Top of Carpet and Supporting 2,000 lbs.

FreeStyle ESD Flooring in an Electronics Manufacturing Facility

FreeStyle ESD™ in a Large, World-Class Electronics Manufacturing Facility

FreeStyle ESD Flooring Installation

FreeStyle ESD™ Being Installed in a 30,000 sq. ft. Production Area with a High-Moisture Concrete Slab

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