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Conductive Carpet Tiles

OhmStyle Conductive Carpet Application

OhmStyle ESD was designed specifically for Electronics Manufacturing, Mission Critical, GSA and Raised Access Floor Environments. OhmStyle ESD static control modular carpet tiles are conductive, connected and grounded. They perform like a sponge, absorbing static electricity to reduce accumulation while simultaneously routing the charge to ground. Combined with our conductive releasable adhesive, OhmDtyle ESD continuously outperforms regular commercial flooring materials described as "anti-static", "anti-shock" and "computer grade" flooring.

OhmStyle ESD will dramatically improve the appearance of any work space environment and offers you the ability to reconfigure your flooring layout as needed. Our stylish color selection created with superior yarn systems, along with the ability to install non-directionally, places our conductive carpet tile in a class by itself.

OhmStyle ESD has a proprietary antimicrobial additive, registered by the EPA, built into the primary backing that provides permanent, lifetime protection against a broad spectrum of molds, mildews and odor-causing microorganisms. Antimicrobial protection is guaranteed for the life of the carpet, assuming proper maintenance.

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