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Lista Storage Wall System

Lista's Storage Walls are modular, allowing you to create a custom storage solution with any combination of shelves, drawers & roll-out trays. Their slim profiles and fully-extended drawer capacity allow you to utilize all of your vertical and horizontal space, even in narrow aisles and walkways where storage is at a premium.

Also, because Lista Storage Walls are modular, you can change your storage layout or add additional components whenever your needs change, making them a long-term cost-efficient solution.

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Lista Storage Wall Shelf Capacity
Lista Storage Wall Full Depth and Shallow Depth Options
Lista Storage Wall Configuration Options
Lista High Capacity Storage Wall

Jaw-Dropping Capacity

All Lista shelves and roll-out trays feature an amazing 440 lb. capacity, even when fully extended! Heavy Duty 770 lb. capacity roll-out trays are also available.

Low-Profile Depths

Lista Storage Walls are available in two depths; Full Depth (27.75" deep) storage is great when you need access to both large and small items, Shallow Depth (21.75" deep) storage is perfect where aisle and floor space are critical.

Customizable & Expandable

Storage Wall Systems are made of modular components, allowing you to add components or change your layout when your needs change, making them a long-term, cost-effective solution.

Ideal High-Density Storage

Lista Storage Walls feature a slim profile, making them an ideal space-saving solution for high-density storage.

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Lista Storage Wall Configuration Options

How to Configure a Lista Storage Wall
1. Side Frame Options
Side frames will serve as the vertical ends and dividers of your storage wall. They are available in full depth (27-3/4") and shallow depth (21-3/4") sizes.
2. Universal Panels & Lock Systems
Universal panels are 2" high and and will determine the width of each section. Fasteners are included. Locking systems are available for locking sections of drawers.
3. Rear & End Panels
Use rear & end panels to cover the back and ends of a storage wall. Sway braces can also be substituted for rear panels to provide lateral stability.
4. Drawers, Shelves & Roll-Out Trays
A wide range of drawer sets, and roll-out trays can be added to each section of your storage wall.
5. Other Options
Customize your storage wall with accessories like doors, bookcases or track-guided ladders.
6. Paint Colors
Choose from Lista's standard array of colors, including Beige, Bright Blue, Classic Blue, Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Green, Red, Sand or White. Drawer interiors are always gray.