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SharperTek SW-4215Y

Ultrasonic Plastic Welder with Turntable

Production Volume Thermoplastic Welding and Fastening, Simply, Reliably

SharperTek's plastic welder with integrated turntable is designed to get your production runs up on the first shot, affordably. Simply to use, easy to set up and highly reliable. These units offer plastic assembly manufacturing engineers the ultimate in system configurability.

Jumpstart production with simple control configurations and interfaces that avoid unintentional parameter resets. Keep the parts moving with SharperTek's realiable electronic controls, quality tooling and precision engineered transducers.

High Volume Plastic Staking, Welding, Joint Welding and Insertion are Easy Tasks with SharperTek's High Volume Thermoplastic Welder.

The turn table allows loading and unloading of parts while production runs! Off chute drop point lets you configure your machine to funnel parts to bins or shuttle them to the next operation. Difficult joint? No problem! The power of SharperTek's ultrasonic welding system is its ability to adapt to any joint configuration. SharperTek means plastic welding at its best! And with SharperTek, your tooling sets can be custom made to meet your specifications.

Your SharperTek thermoplastic welder system easily equips to handle the most intricate, or the most basic thermoplastic weld joint to meet any manufacturing need.

Plastic Weld the Following Joints and More!
• Butt Joint
• Scarf Joint
• Step Joint
• Tounge and Groove Joint

• Transducer is made in Germany with strong and stable input
• Flexible amplitude manual control
• Welding Time: 0.1-2sec
• Available in 2 frequencies
• High and low frequency welding

Your Price: $23,333.33

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I140622
MFG Part Number SW-4215Y
Brand SharperTek
Shipping Weight 180.5000