Simco-ION 4002612

Aerostat® XC Wide Coverage Low Balance Benchtop Ionizer with Heater, 120V

Simco-Ion's Aerostat XC Extended Coverage Ionizing Blower provides excellent coverage, balance stabilty, and rapid static charge decay times. The XC can be used in a variety of electronics and medical assembly environments. It features inherent balance to 0 ±5V to protect sensitive electronic components. The XC features Simco-Ion's emitter point cleaner, an ionization status light and an integrated heater. The XC neutralizes static across a broad three foot by six foot area and operates on AC technology to provide stabled balanced performance over time.

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  • Inherently balanced to 0 ±5V
  • Rapid static charge decay times over a wide area
  • Integrated emitter point cleaner
  • Ionization status light
  • Integtrated Heater
  • Optional Air Filter

  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz: 0.6A (high fan/heater off); 3.6A (high fan/heater on) | 220-230 VAC, 50 Hz: 0.3A (high fan/heater off); 1.8 (high fan/heater on)
  • Discharge: 1.5 sec @ 1'; fan speed high (1000-100V)
  • Balance: 0 ±5V
  • Ion Emission: AC Ionization
  • Emitter Points: Stainless Steel
  • Controls: POWER ON/OFF switch, WARM AIR ON/OFF switch; FAN SPEED control LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH, Emitter Point Cleaner Knob
  • Indicator Lights: Orange IONIZATION status; orange within POWER and WARM AIR switches
  • Effective Coverage: 3' x 5' to 2.5' x 6' area
  • Air Volume: 70 CFM (low), 95 CFM (medium), 120 CFM (high)
  • Air Velocity: Low: 1ft: 600 2ft: 300 3ft: 180 4ft: 150 | Medium: 1ft: 800 2ft: 400 3ft: 220 4ft: 180 | High: 1ft: 1000 2ft: 500 3ft: 250 4ft: 200
  • Heated Air Temp: Fan speed: low 11°F (6°C); medium 9°F (5°C); high 7°F (4°C) above ambient; measured 6" in front of unit
  • Operating Env.: Temperature 50-95°F (10-35°C); humidity 30-70% RH, non-condensing
  • Audible Noise: Fan speed: low 52 dB, medium 58 dB, high 64 dB
  • Ozone: 0.05 ppm, measured @ 6" in front of unit
  • Air Filter: 30 ppi open cell polyurethane foam (optional)
  • Mounting: Metal stand/bracket included; optional Pedestal Mount Kit for elevated mounting
  • Enclosure: Powder coated white steel
  • Dimensions: 15.375W x 4.5H x 8.125D in. (39.1W x 11.4H x 20.6D cm)
  • Weight: 17.5 lb (7.9 kg)
  • Warranty: Two year limited warranty

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I126882
MFG Part Number 4002612
Brand Simco-ION
Shipping Weight 17.5000
Input 120V

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