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Simco-ION 4011457

20" IONforce Low Profile Ionizing Bar with Air Assist, 7 Tungsten Emitters

Simco-Ion's IONforce Ionizing bars provide rapid neutralization of static charges to prevent electrostatic attraction of particles (ESA) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) in applications such as cleanrooms and workstations. Powered with a Simco-Ion PulseFlow® (PFC) or visION Controller unit, the IONforce bar produces positive and negative ions that rapidly neutralize any potentially destructive charges in the work area.

IONForce is a high performance ion bar designed to improve yield in semiconductor, nano-technology, medical device, aerospace, communication, and electronics assembly industry applications. It features a low profile with a height less than three centimeters and can be easily mounted on many types of equipment and in areas such as those using robotics with low clearance. IONForce is available with extreme clean CVD SiC emitters and requires a DC controller sold separately. IONForce bars are supplied with a detachable 2.34 M HV cable assembly (Part # 4108681).

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  • Low Profile
  • Operates in either steady state DC or pulse DC mode
  • Optional compressed air assist feature
  • Tungsten, silicon carbide or ultra-clean silicon emitter point options

  • Input Voltage: ±3.5 kVDC (min), ±8 kVDC (max)
  • Discharge: <10 sec (typ), 24" with 50 fpm laminar airflow; <5 sec (typ) with 90 lpm CDA air assist
  • Balance: <30V (typ), 24" with 50 fpm laminar airflow
  • Operating Modes: Steady state DC, Pulsed DC
  • Emitter Points: Replaceable Ultra-clean Silicon, Silicon Carbide or Tungsten
  • Operating Env.: Temperature 10-35°C (50-95°F) recommended; relative humidity 20-65%
  • Ozone: <0.020 ppm
  • EMI: Below background level
  • Air Fitting: Accepts 6 mm plastic tubing
  • Air Gas Supply: 25-45 psi (172-310 kPa)
  • Mounting: Stainless steel spring clamp hangers provided with each bar
  • Enclosure: Polycarbonate and stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 14, 20, 32, 44, 56, 67L x 1.13H x .98W in. (35.6, 50.8, 81.3, 111.8, 142.2, 170.2 x 2.9H x 2.5W cm)
  • Weight: 0.35 lb per 12" (0.16 kg per 30.5 cm)
  • Warranty: Two year limited warranty

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I126948
MFG Part Number 4011457
Brand Simco-ION
Shipping Weight 15.0000
Length 20"

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