StatPro ADL-3D77

3D Printing Filament Dry Cabinet, 16" x 15.75" x 22"

The StatPro 3D Printing Filament Dry Cabinet is the perfect moisture control solution for filament storage. Our automatic humidity control cabinet provides a quick and simple way to store filament without hassle. Simply set the desired humidity level, store the filaments and our dehumidifier will take care of the rest. Your filament will stay completely dry, easily accessible, perfectly identifiable, and ready to be used anytime you need them for a print.

  • <20% RH Low Humidity Storage
  • Fully Adjustable Spool Hanger
  • Standalone Hygrometer for Active Monitoring
  • 4-Filament Feed Ports for Direct Printing
  • Fast 2-Hour Recovery
Your Price: $375.00


Benefits of using a Filament Dry Cabinet

  • <20% RH: Optimal for all filament materials
  • Convenient: No consumable parts
  • Low Energy Consumption: 13W Avg. / 100W Max.
  • 4 Filament Feed Ports: Prints while in dry storage
  • Dries Without Heat: Maintains tensile strength

Traditional Dry Method Disadvantages

  • Oven Baking: High energy costs, decreases tensile strength, time consuming, melts filament if too hot
  • Desiccants: No RH control, constant replacement and maintenance
  • AC & Dehumidifier: High energy cost, unable to reach below 40% RH, ineffective in low temperatures
  • Other Filament Dryers: Constant heat baking with high energy consumption, unable to dry for extended periods, only able to dry a few spools at a time

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I213558
MFG Part Number ADL-3D77
Brand StatPro
Shipping Weight 25.1300
Material Painted Steel
Type Automatic Refreshing Desiccant
Mount Freestanding