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StatPro CPDC-1D

Automatic Desiccator Cabinet, 18" x 15.75" x 29"

StatPro CPDC Series Desiccator Dry Cabinets utilize self-regenerating desiccant dehumidifiers to provide an ultra-low humidity environment. With no N2/dry-air purging, these cabinets provide automatic RH control of <5% with very fast recovery times at NTP conditions. Because these rely on the moisture absorbing properties, they require no calibration. Moreover, these cabinets increase product quality, reliability, and yield rates.

All cabinets are painted with anti-static paint and include anti-static glass windows, shelves, stands with casters, and a ground wire with 1MΩ for your storage protection meeting IEC-61340-5-1 (ESD) standards. These cabinets use the fewest moving parts, which means less can go wrong, while using the least possible amount of energy.

The low power consumption, no calibration, and plug and play operation make StatPro CPDC Series Desiccator Dry Cabinets a viable option for long-term storage of all production components. Using StatPro results in the ultimate production goal - higher yields.

Your Price: $1,361.11


  • RH Control Range: ≤ 5% RH
  • Fast Recovery Time: Down to ≤ 5% RH within 30 minutes after opening a door and closing it. (Empty cabinet testing)
  • Cabinet Material: Anti-static paint, anti-static glass, anti-static stands/casters, 1MΩ ground wire
  • Voltage: 110V or 220V
  • Hygrometer: Standalone Monitor System, TESTO digital thermo-hygrometer
  • External Dimensions: 17.9" D X 15.75" W x 29.1" H (45.5 x 40 x 74cm)
  • Internal Dimensions: 14.1" D X 14.2" W x 23.5" H (35.7 x 36 x 59.7cm)
  • Capacity: 93L
  • Shelves: 2

German-Made Digital Thermo-hygrometer: Stand-alone TESTO digital thermo-hygrometer monitors exact RH inside cabinet independently.

  • Automatic Drying Systems with specific calibration to control RH at <5%RH with Fast Recovery Time <30 min. without Dry Air / N2 purge.
  • NTP Operation unaffected by ΔT and pressure variation.
  • Cost saving. Near zero maintenance.
  • Maintains RH even during temporary power outage.
  • Meet IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 and IPC 1601 Standards.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I356929
MFG Part Number CPDC-1D
Brand StatPro
Shipping Weight 50.0000
ESD Properties Anti-Static
Material Painted Steel
Type Automatic Refreshing Desiccant
Mount Freestanding