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Swanstrom S121

4.25" Super Flush Slim Tapered Cutter

Manufacturers of medical devices and electronics favor Swanstrom tools for enhancing productivity, precision, and safety on the production floor. Choose from various head shapes, cutting edges, and tapered designs for either rugged, high-volume shearing or nimble, tactile cuts. SoftTouch™ handle construction with ESD-safe design dissipates static and reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome for high volume facilities. Stainless steel, double action leaf springs provide smooth, fast action and adjustable configuration. The Scrivet™ joints, constructed with hard alloy rivets, enable adjustment on the fly for your rapidly changing production needs. Finely forged high chromium and high carbon alloy steel hardened with computerized induction of heat and quench produce the optimal combination of hardness and toughness. The polished jaws maximize cleanliness by preventing nicks and the black oxide, anti-glare finish eliminates visual fatigue. Swanstrom Super Tools™ alleviate the cost of replacing faulty tools with a lifetime guarantee and the lowest cost per cut on the market.

Your Price: $75.76


  • Overall Length: 4.25" (108mm)
  • Jaw Length: 0.53" (13mm)
  • Cutter Length: 0.40" (10mm)
  • Tip Width: 0.23" (6mm)
  • Tip Thickness: 0.03" (1mm)

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I349303
MFG Part Number S121
Brand Swanstrom
Shipping Weight 0.5000
ESD Properties Dissipative
Shape Tapered Head
Type Max-Flush