Terra Universal 9605-49

Terra Universal 9605-49 Gowning Platform

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This platform offers a simple, effective way to keep garments clean. By presenting a 2" (51 mm) raised platform for the gowning procedure, it alerts personnel that they are entering a clean zone with special requirements. Personnel are permitted to walk or stand only along the 14" (356 mm)-wide blue zone along two sides of the platform. The white clean zone is strictly off limits and can be frequently cleaned to ensure a surface as clean as any in your facility.

When preparing to don their coveralls, personnel enter the blue zone, hold the coverall by the waist while facing the clean white zone, and position the garment above protected white zone while putting it on. If the garment does touch the ground, it remains clean.

The gowning platform is made of composite fiber with a high-grade laminate top and side edges.

Terra Universal 9605-49 Gowning Platform

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  • Crucial protection against the violation of cleanroom garments!
  • Raised platform demarcates a controlled gowning zone, alerting personnel to proper gowning protocol.
  • Clearly marked Clean Zone ensures that garments remain particle-free as they are being donned.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surfaces won't particulate.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I363493
MFG Part Number 9605-49
Brand Terra Universal
Shipping Weight 155.0000
Width / Depth 48"
Length 96"
Height 2"