Transforming Technologies CM400 Single Wire Continuous Monitor (1 Operator & 1 Wrist Strap)

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Single Wire Constant Ground Monitors
The CM400 Single wire constant monitors are the most cost effective method of continuously testing the connection to ground of a person, wrist band and coil cord to ensure ESD protection. Constant monitors eliminate the need to test wrist straps and reduce ESD damage from broken wrist straps that go unnoticed. The systems are compatible with most single wire wrist straps.


  • Checks one wrist strap/person
  • Compatible with any standard wrist strap
  • Easy to use: Simply plug in the wrist strap
  • Easy to install: Attach the monitor to the bench with included hardware, and plug it in

Reliable, Repeatable Results
Accuracy and reliability are improved with the design incorporated into our constant monitors. False alarms disappear and adjustments are not necessary. Powered and grounded by an AC adapter, the system is fully automatic and begins sensing when a coil cord is plugged into the unit. A green light indicates a safe connection and a red light and audible alarm communicate an unsafe connection.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I174150
MFG Part Number CM400
Brand Transforming Technologies
Shipping Weight 0.5000
Type Single Wire Impedance