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Terra Universal

Kiticcator™ Kitting Tray Desiccator Cabinet with 3 Chambers, 19" x 18" x 32"

Product Features:
  1. Optional Dual Purge™ System
  2. Optional NitroWatch® RH Controller
  3. Grounding Terminals (Static Dissipative PVC Models)
  4. Optional Door Sensor Switches
  5. Plenum Chamber
  6. Optional Automoatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve
  7. Electropolished Stainless Steel Racks Support Various Tote Box Sizes
  8. Grounded Door Latch (Static Dissipative PVC Models)
  9. Optional Stand with Casters
  10. Tamper-Proof Hinges

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Kiticcator™ Kitting Tray Desiccator Cabinet with 3 Chambers, 19" x 18" x 32"

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7 Chamber Model Shown with Optional Dual Purge™ System, NitroWatch® RH Controller, Totes, Stand and Casters.

Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve   +$115.91

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Price as configured: $0.00


If you're involved in kitting operations, you've probably had to make do with less-than-ideal storage systems for your materials. If you find adequate tote boxes for your application, chances are they must be stacked inside your existing desiccators, where they waste space and are difficult to remove.

  • Removable Tote Boxes allow optimal organization of materials for kitting procedures - without wasting desiccator space
  • Completely automatic nitrogen and humidity control options extend shelf life of expensive stored components indefinitely
  • Electropolished stainless steel racks allow easy, noncontaminating insertion and removal of tote boxes of varying sizes Optional static dissipative tote boxes meet MIL-B-81705B specifications
  • Advanced door and gasket engineering ensures reliable seals
  • Static Dissipative PVC construction guards against both ESD and particles - meets DOD HDBK 263, and MIL-SPEC 1686 and 1772 with proper accessories
  • A full line of options includes automatic ground-break indicator, self-balancing ionizing nozzles, and stands

A Perfect Marriage of Performance and Practicality
The Kiticcator™ is designed specifically to remedy these problems. It offers noncontaminating cabinets, a complete line of standardized accessories, and the most advanced humidity control system available anywhere. These features minimize nitrogen consumption and, more importantly, extend the shelf life of stored components - you can count on the integrity of expensive materials as long as you keep them inside the Kiticcator™, whether for months, years, or decades.

The Kiticcator™ also features dual electropolished stainless steel racks in each compartment that accommodate slide-out tote boxes. This design makes optimal use of every square inch of desiccator storage space and lets you remove the tote box you need without disturbing any others.

Clean, Durable Design Eliminates Leaks, Outgassing
Constructed of acrylic or Static Dissipative PVC, the Kiticcator™ cabinet features easy-open doors and one-piece wall construction to minimize the problem of peeling or sagging gasketing and to ensure a continuous seal. A plenum chamber minimizes backfill; the perforated plenum wall ensures a homogeneous positive pressure and prevents contaminants and moisture from rushing into the rear of the Kiticcator™ when a door is opened. It also allows easy installation of ionizing nozzles, sensor switches, humidity sensors, and other optional electronics.

Completely Automatic Nitrogen and Humidity Controls Extend Shelf Lives Indefinitely
Not all desiccators are created equal - gas-flow engineering has a lot to do with how long stored materials will remain up to spec. The Kiticcator™ employs a unique nitrogen and humidity control system that guarantees the precise conditions you require - and extends the shelf life of your materials indefinitely.

The Kiticcator™ comes with a pipe-tapped inlet for the introduction of purge gas (generally nitrogen) and an outlet for the Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) valve. The Automatic RB® Valve serves three purposes: it guarantees a uniform positive pressure; it makes a desiccator rupture-proof; and it functions as a check valve in case of a negative pressure (which results when a door is quickly opened).

Revolutionary Access Doors Reduce Wear, Enhance Performance!
Type 304 stainless steel door frames reinforce plastic doors to extend service life and improve sealing. Tests show that these frames increase structural rigidity by a factor of five. A built-in LiftLatch™ seals doors without lateral torque that strains hinges. The non-outgassing
'e'-profile gasket is attached without adhesive for cleaner, more stable sealing.

Optional Cabinet Alignment
Cabinet doors may become misaligned during shipment. Installation should include cabinet alignment to ensure that door sensors and seals are functioning properly.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K101933
Brand Terra Universal
Type Manual Purge Dry Gas
Capacity 3 Chambers
Model / Series Kiticcator™