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Terra Universal

Wafer Box Desiccator Cabinet with 6 Chambers, 53.5" x 25.14" x 36.48"

Wafer box desiccator cabinets are designed specifically for standard lot boxes used for 200mm and 300mm wafers, and include stainless steel hardware, a plenum chamber, and gas ports for use with Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch® Systems (order separately), which enhance humidity recovery times.

All cabinets are designed and fabricated using the latest-generation CAD/CNC equipment, ensuring the perfect form and fit required for optimal sealing. Because all system components are standardized, replacement and optional parts can be ordered at any time. Cabinets feature a plenum chamber for even gas distribution.

  • Preserves moisture-sensitive wafers in a dry, particle-free environment
  • Automated nitrogen controls maintain user-selected humidity level (ambient down to 0% RH)
  • Engineered for optimal storage density of 200mm or 300mm wafers (in most standard cassettes and lot boxes)
  • Available in strong, rigid acrylic or static dissipative PVC, which protects against static charges and the particles they attract
  • Advanced construction features include plenum chamber, type 304 stainless steel door frames, LiftLatches™, and one-piece front sealing panel

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For optimal sealing and extended service life, select the optional stainless steel door frames, which reinforce the plastic doors and improve seals. Stainless steel door frames include one-piece nonadhesive gaskets guaranteed not to sag or migrate, even in an ultra-dry environment.

Locking LiftLatches™, standard with each cabinet, allow contents to be securely locked. They also remove wear from doors and hinges by eliminating the rotary stress caused by conventional latches. Latches and tamper-proof hinges are chrome plated for cleanliness and durability.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K101943
Brand Terra Universal
Type Manual Purge Dry Gas
Capacity 6 Chambers
Model / Series Wafer Box