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Terra Universal

Series 400 UltraClean Stainless Steel NitroPlex™ Desiccator Cabinet with 2 Chambers, 21.14" x 25" x 32.5"

The Series 400 Stainless Steel Desiccator provides the optimal clean, low-humidity environment for sensitive parts. Available in many chamber configurations, it includes front and rear static dissipative PVC viewing windows for full visibility of stored contents. Static dissipative PVC helps control static charges and the particles they attract.

All models feature a plenum chamber that ensures uniform distribution of nitrogen purge gas. Stainless steel reinforced door frames extend the service life of doors and include Terra's 'e'-profile, one-piece gaskets. These gaskets are applied without adhesives and will not outgas or migrate over time. Non-locking LiftLatches™ further extend cabinet service life by operating without lateral torque that strains door hinges.

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Series 400 UltraClean Stainless Steel NitroPlex™ Desiccator Cabinet with 2 Chambers, 21.14" x 25" x 32.5"

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  • Terra Universal 1609-01AEPNP Series 400 UltraClean Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet with Doors Open

Series 400 UltraClean Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet, 21.14" x 25" x 32.5"   +$3,937.01
NitroPlex™ Digital Humidity Module   +$1,285.71

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NitroPlex™ Control System for Optimal Parts Protection
Terra fabricates these desiccators for use with the NitroPlex™ humidity control system, the most advanced nitrogen purge controller available. Equipped with the NitroPlex™, these systems automatically regulate a nitrogen purge in order to maintain any relative humidity set point you require down to 0% RH.

You can even establish a separate humidity set point in each desiccator chamber. The NitroPlex™ monitors the humidity level in each chamber independently and delivers nitrogen only where it's needed, and only for as long as needed. This high-efficiency control generally results in nitrogen savings of up to 78% compared to conventional flow meter systems. More importantly, it ensures reliable, documented, operator independent low moisture levels.

For applications that don't require this multiplexed nitrogen control, select Terra's Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch® systems, which include a single humidity sensor per cabinet.

Terra Universal Series 400 Nitroplex Module

NitroPlex™ Ready
Available NitroPlex™ Module automatically monitors and maintains low-RH set point to protect delicate samples while conserving nitrogen.

Terra Universal Series 400 Desiccator Stainles Steel Door Frame

Stainless Steel Door Frame
Stainless steel reinforced door frame with non-adhesive,
'e'-profile gaskets ensures a long service life.

Terra Universal Series 400 Desiccator Door LiftLatch™

Eliminates hinge and door damage caused by the twisiting and turning and applies uniform pressure to the entire door gasket.

Terra Universal Series 400 Desiccators Electropolished Stainless Steel Shelves and Racks

Electropolished Stainless
Steel Racks & Shelves

Perforated shelves slide on removable racks mounted to chamber interior, allowing easy parts loading/unloading.

Terra Universal Series 400 Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve

Automatic RB®
(Relief/Bleed) Valve

Terra's Automated RB® Valve, installed in each chamber, provides safe pressure release and prevents influx of room air.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K101870
Brand Terra Universal
ESD Properties Dissipative
Material Type 304 Stainless Steel
Type Automatic Purge Dry Gas
Style Electropolished Finish
Capacity 2 Chambers
Mount Freestanding
Model / Series Series 400