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Terra Universal

Adjust-A-Shelf™ Pass-Through Desiccator Cabinet with 4 Chambers, 18" x 24" x 48"

These storage cabinets provide the same controlled environment as our standard Adjust-A-Shelf™ Desiccator, but add dual-side access versatility.

  • Front and rear access doors allow pass-through operations into a cleanroom or stockroom
  • Advanced construction techniques optimize seals to maintain a positive pressure and extend shelf-life of stored materials
  • Select fool-proof stainless steel interlock mechanism to limit access to one door per chamber at any time
  • Optional stainless steel doors extend the service life of the desiccator
  • Shelves adjust on chrome-plated racks to accommodate different sizes of stored materials

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Easy Desiccator Access in Many Applications
They are easy to install in a cleanroom or stock room wall, or you can position Dual-Side Access Desiccators side-by-side in an assembly area to form a room divider that allows dual access to stored materials from both aisles.

Whatever the application, these cabinets help safeguard stored materials from damage associated with particles, moisture and static. Constructed of acrylic or Static Dissipative PVC, they feature easy-open doors and one-piece wall construction to minimize the problem of peeling or sagging gaskets and to ensure a continuous seal. All seams are solvent-welded to eliminate the problems of outgassing, and all hardware is chrome plated or type 304 stainless steel.

Completely Automatic Nitrogen and Humidity Controls
Each cabinet features an inlet to allow the introduction of nitrogen purge gas, and an outlet for easy installation of Terra's Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve, which guards against overpressures and functions as a check valve. The optional Dual Purge™ System and NitroWatch® enhance system performance by automatically regulating the gas purge to maintain any subambient moisture level you require, down to 0% RH. A plenum chamber ensures uniform gas distribution.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K101898
Brand Terra Universal
Type Manual Purge Dry Gas
Capacity 4 Chambers
Mount Freestanding
Model / Series Pass-Through