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Terra Universal

Cantilevered Cleanroom Workstation with 0.75" Epoxy Resin Work Surface

Product Features:
  • Chemical resistance against common organic compounds and volatile/non-volatile chemicals
  • Bacterial and fungal resistant
  • Heat deflection up to 325°F (167.2°C)
  • Self-extinguishing lab surface
  • Non-absorbent and corrosion-resistant
  • Beveled edges provide safety to personnel
  • Strong and durable material ideal for high-traffic laboratories
  • Non-reactive and low-sheen uniform finish
  • Powder-coated steel frame with chemical-resistant nylon leveling feet
  • A-Base frame design with adjustable telescoping legs from 25" to 34" (635 to 864mm)
  • C-Base frame design with 32" (813mm) non-telescoping legs and 304 stainless steel scuff guards on front bottom runners
  • Applications include protemics, biochemistry, new lab set-up, wet chemistry.

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Cantilevered Cleanroom Workstation with 0.75" Epoxy Resin Work Surface

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  • Terra Universal Cantilevered Cleanroom Workstation with 0.75" Epoxy Resin Work Surface
  • No. 2903-15 A-Base Epoxy Resin Lab Table  36"W x 30"D x 34"H (914 x 762 x 864 mm)
  • No. 2903-10 C-Base Table 96"W x 30"D (2742 x 762 x 864 mm)

No. 2903-10 C-Base table with optional uprights and overhead resin shelf, 96"W x 30"D (2742mm x 762mm).

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Epoxy resin lab tables provide a high-density, chemical-resistant work surface ideal for biochemistry laboratories and proteomic research. Also suitable for use in general lab environments, these lab tables have a non-reactive finish and beveled edges for user safety. Order the resin top to place onto an existing lab bench, or select a complete table with powder-coated steel frame and resin work surface.

Table Configurations

A-Base 4-Leg Table
C-Base Cantilevered Table
Terra Universal Cleanroom and Laboratory Epoxy Resin Worksurface Table Configurations

Convenient Shelf Storage
The support uprights allow you to mount one or several 12" (305mm) deep shelves. Each shelf runs the width of the bench and can be easily moved up and down by adjusting the lock-in frame collar. One or several shelves can be added, simply by removing the light assembly and sliding the shelf sleeve over the support arms

Other system options include easy-clean modular cleanroom drawers and power strips, which provide convenient outlets along the length of the benchtop to operate power process equipment. Note: Each shelf includes a support and mounting collar.

Chemical Resistance Testing
Terra's epoxy resin-top tables are individually tested for their corrosion resistance against organic compounds and volatile/non-volatile chemicals.

Method A: For volatile chemicals
A cotton ball saturated with the test solvent was placed in a one-ounce bottle (10mm x 75mm test tube or similar container). The container was inverted on the test material surface for a period of 24 hours. Temperature of test: 237° +/- 2°C (73° +/- 4°F).

Method B: For non-volatile chemicals
Five drops (0.25 cc) of the test chemical were placed on the test material surface. The chemical was covered with a watch glass (25mm) for a period of 24 hours. Temperature of test: 23° +/- 2°C (73° +/- 4°F). This method was used for all chemicals listed below, other than the solvents.

After 24-hour exposure, exposed areas were washed with water, then a detergent solution and finally with isopropyl alcohol. Materials were then rinsed with distilled water and dried with a cloth. Samples are numerically rated as follows:

  • 0: No Effect - No detectable change in the material surface.
  • 1: Good - Slight detectable change in color or gloss but no change in function or life of the surface.
  • 2: Fair - Slight surface etching or severe staining. Clearly discernible change in color or gloss but no significant impairment of surface life or function.
  • 3: Poor - Pitting, cratering or erosion of the surface. Obvious and significant deterioration. Objectionable change in appearance due to discoloration.

Chemical Tested* Method Black Onyx
Amyl Acetone A 0
Ethyl Acetone A 0
Acetic Acid 98% B 0
Acetone A 1
Acid Dichromate 5% B 0
Butyl Alcohol A 0
Ethyl Alcohol A 0
Methyl Alcohol A 1
Ammonium Hydroxide, 28% B 0
Benzene A 1
Carbon Tetrachloride A 0
Chloroform A 1
Chromic Acid 60% B 2
Cresol A 0
Dichloro Acetic Acid A 0
Dimethylformamide A 0
Dioxane A 0
Ethyl Ether A 0
Formaldehyde 37% B 0
Formic Acid 90% B 0
Furfural A 1
Gasoline B 0
Hydrochloric Acid 37% B 0
Hydrofluoric Acid 48% B 2
Hydrogen Peroxide 28% B 0
Tincture of Iodine B 0
Methyl Ethyl Ketone A 0
Methylene Chloride A 0
Mono Chlorobenzene A 0
Naphthalene A 0
Nitric Acid 20% B 0
Nitric Acid 30% B 1
Nitric Acid 70% B 1
Phenol 90% A 0
Phosphoric Acid 85% B 1
Silver Nitrate, Saturated B 0
Sodium Hydroxide 10% B 1
Sodium Hydroxide 20% B 1
Sodium Hydroxide 40% B 1
Sodium Hydroxide Flake B 1
Sodium Sulfide, Saturated B 2
Sulfuric Acid 25% B 1
Sulfuric Acid 85% B 1
Sulfuric Acid 96% B 3
Sulfuric Acid 85% and Nitric Acid 70%, Equal Parts B 3
Toluene A 1
Trichlorethylene A 0
Xylene A 0
Zinc Chloride, Saturated B 0
*More information on independent test results available upon request.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K101664
Brand Terra Universal
Work Surface Epoxy Resin
Edge Square Front Edge
Frame Tubular Steel
Warranty 1 Year