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Terra Universal

Cleanroom Workstation with Laminate Work Surface

Product Features:
  1. Sealed laminate top design is compatible with Class 100/ISO 5 cleanrooms.
  2. Select adjustable A-Base or recessed C-Base.
  3. Nylon leveling feet resist a broad range of chemicals and eliminate wobbles for high-precision work.
  4. Optional modular overhead fluorescent light fixture provides shadow-free viewing.
  5. Other options include modular drawer unit, shelves, and power strips.

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Cleanroom Workstation with Laminate Work Surface

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  • Terra Universal Cantilevered Cleanroom Workstation with Laminate Work Surface
  • Terra Universal A Base Workstation, shown with optional drawers.

Model Shown: No. 1000-00 bench, with No. 1524-50 uprights, 1700-76 light and 1000-65 shelf.

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Terra's standard non-dissipative cleanroom Work Station is factory-assembled and designed to let you order exactly the work surface you need, straight from stock. Its modular design accommodates a wide range of accessories that can make the critical difference in operator productivity and quality assurance.

Terra Universal Standard Worksurface Construction

Standard non-dissipative laminate shares many characteristics with static dissipative laminate, except surface resistivity. In surface resistivity tests, this laminate material measured between 4.1 x 1011 and 7.4 x 1012 Ω/sq. It is generally resistive to most solvents as well as hot solder; however, mineral acids (such as hydrochloric, sulphuric, or nitric acid) should not be allowed to contact to laminate. This material is suitable for cleanroom use and will not outgas.

Tough, Versatile, Clean
The laminate tops are bonded to a 1.25" (32mm) high-density, epoxy-bonded fiber core; edges are covered with plastic edging, and backing is provided on the bottom of the work surface to meet cleanroom standards. Standard color is non-glare white.

The heavy-duty workbench frame is made of all-welded square tubing. The heavy-wall tubing used in the construction allows the bench top to support much heavier loads than conventional benches without sagging. Select either the A-Base, adjustable from 25" to 34" (635mm to 864 mm) floor-to-top, or rigid C-Base design, 32" (813mm) floor-to-top. Both base designs feature a white epoxy enamel or powder coat finish. Non-telescoping C-Bases come with 304 stainless steel scuff guards on the forward leg member to guard against scratching, and A-Base benches are available with a 304 stainless steel lower leg member to provide this additional scuff protection. All base designs include leveling feet for stability.

Table Configurations

Terra Universal A-Base 4-Leg Workbench

A-Base Design
The adjustable A-Base models feature telescopic legs that let you adjust the work surface to suit your application, from 25" to 34" (635mm to 864mm) floor-to-top. This feature is important if you must maintain a standard work surface height in automated processes. Its retractable design also makes shipping and storage more economical. These benches include nonmarking levelers for stability.

Terra Universal C-Base Cantilevered Workbench

C-Base Design
The non-telescoping C-Base design combines strength with comfort. The sturdy 14-gauge steel tubing and all-welded construction eliminate the need for forward legs under the work surface that bang knees and chairs, thereby helping to isolate the work surface from accidental bumps and jars. The forward ends of the bottom runners are protected by 304 stainless steel scuff guards. All steel members feature an epoxy or powder coat finish (except tables made entirely of 304 stainless steel or electropolished 304 stainless steel). Stainless steel feet are adjustable for proper leveling to eliminate wobbling. C-Base tables are 32" (813 mm) high (floor-to-top).

Lock-In Frame Adjusts to Your Requirements
Terra's lock-in frame design allows you to add either a shelf support or a combination light/shelf support, along with all the accessories you need.

The versatile overhead fixture houses a dual-intensity fluorescent illuminator, which includes two fixtures mounted inside the overhead fixture. Each one contains two 40W tubes, providing you with either 80 or 160W of fluorescent lighting. The three-position rocker switch on the left side of the fixture controls operation: in the UP position, both fixtures are ON; in the bottom position only one fixture is ON, and in the middle position both fixtures are OFF. This variable light control allows you to emphasize one portion of the work area or to provide complete, shadow-free lighting. A light diffuser panel ensures even illumination.

Versatile Shelf Storage
The support uprights allow you to mount one or several 12" (305mm) deep shelves. Each shelf runs the width of the bench and can be easily moved up and down by adjusting the lock-in frame collar. One or several shelves can be added, simply by removing the light assembly and sliding the shelf sleeve over the support arms.

Other system options include easy-clean modular cleanroom drawers and power strips, which provide convenient outlets along the length of the bench top to operate power process equipment. Note: Each shelf includes a support and mounting collar.

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K101658
Brand Terra Universal
Work Surface Cleanroom Laminate
Edge Square Front Edge
Frame Tubular Steel
Warranty 1 Year