Wearwell 552/553/554/555 ErgoDeck Mat

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A high traction, non-slip flooring engineered to out perform and outlast traditional gritted products. ErgoDeck with Integrated No-Slip Cleats [552,553] delivers a sure-footed work surface for maximum productivity, performance, and safety…in even the most demanding workplace conditions! The exclusive “cleated design”- modeled after the cleats that professional athletes wear for traction - overcomes harsh and slick workplace conditions and provides a sure-footed, remarkably resilient standing surface. Slips, trips, and falls is the 3rd leading cause of missed work days and the 4th leading cause of work related death, averaging over $41,000 per claim. No-Slip Cleats addresses these issues directly, providing a common sense alternative to hard and slick concrete. With the use of ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleats, companies can eliminate messy gritted products once and for all. Gritted mats give some temporary traction but wear with use and become slippery with saturation. Unlike gritted mats - which cannot be maintained and cleaned- ErgoDeck with No-Slip Cleats can withstand power washing, scrubbing, and aggressive cleaning. When the problem is slick, dangerous, and unforgiving floors, ErgoDeck with No-Slip Cleats is the definitive solution. PATENT NO. D740,591

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Wearwell 552/553/554/555 ErgoDeck Mat

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  • Unmatched slip prevention
  • Customize in 3 inch (8 cm) increments to fit any area or configuration
  • Can withstand powerwashing and aggressive maintenance
  • Outperforms and outlasts grit
  • LockSafe Positive Interlocking System™ to prevent separation
  • 100% Silicone Free PVC tiles provide maximum durability
  • Available in Solid and Drainage version

Additional Information

PAC Part Number K100778
Brand Wearwell
Thickness 7/8"
Surface Patterned
Material PVC
Warranty 3 Years