Yamato Scientific RE-801

115V Digital Rotary Evaporator


  • One touch electric lift for easy up and down movements
  • Compact, fits into any fume hood
  • Unique durable vacuum seal suitable up to 2L flasks
  • Stable rotation at low and high speeds
  • Easy release of evaporation flask
  • Unique designed glass condenser to prevent liquid stagnation and backflow
  • Increased condenser surface area for faster distillation
  • Original removable bath for easy cleaning and water replacement

Your Price: $5,200.00

115V Digital Rotary Evaporator

Water bath and glassware not included.


  • Motor: DC brushless motor (for rotation) and Rod Actuator (for lifting)
  • Controller: Vacuum regulator VR800
  • Number of Revolutions: 10-250 r/min (rpm)
  • Motorized Lift Stroke: 150mm
  • Setting Range of Vacuum: 0 - 981hPa
  • Measureable Range of Vacuum: 0 - 1033hPa
  • Resolution of Vacuum: 1hPa
  • Setting Range of Hysteresis: 1-50hPa
  • Resolution of Vacuum: 1hPa
  • Setting Range of Hysteresis: 1 - 50hPa
  • Resolution of Vapor Temperature Indicator: Selectable (either 1°C or 0.1°C)
  • Readout of Cooling Water Temperature: Depending on Indicator (option)
  • Resolution of Cooling Water Temperature Indicator: 1°C
  • Operation Modes: Manual without vacuum control, preset, preset with timer, pressure gradient, and gradient with timer, Auto I (drying), Auto II (for one solvent), and Automatic III (for more than two solvents) modes
  • Setting Range of Timer: 1-999 minutes in increments/decrements of 1 minute for preset operations, 1-99 minutes for progressive operations
  • Memory: 10 programs/operation mode
  • Data of Solvents: 53 saturated vapor pressure curves
  • Speed (rpm setting): Control knob (digital indication)
  • Safety Measures (drive unit): Manual-setting lower limit, upper limit, motor overload
  • Safety Measures (vacuum regulator): Self-diagnosis, main unit/bath synchronized stop at malfunctions
  • Synchronized control feature: Selection of automatic bath stop or automatic insulation
  • Lifting feature: Motorized lifting system synchronized with control
  • External Dimension with Glassware A (mm): 828(W)x 400(D)x721(H)(881(H) when raised
  • Weight: Approx. 14kg(excluding the glassware and the water/oil bath)
  • Power supply: 100 - 240V AC, 1.5A (excluding the water/oil bath)

Additional Information

PAC Part Number I347789
MFG Part Number RE-801
Brand Yamato Scientific
Shipping Weight 31.0000
Adjustment Digital
Input 115V