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Eagle Gowning Racks
These racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in the cleanroom. The Stainless steel construction offers a non-contaminating surface that eliminates particle shedding. The electropolished models feature electrochemically passivated surfaces for the most demanding requirements.
Removable hanger racks have slots on a standard 3" centers and use only Open Loop hangers.
Non-Removable hanger racks have slots on 3" standard centers and prevents hangers from being removed from the rack itself. Works with both Open Loop hangers and Two-Piece hangers.
Hanger Bar style racks have a 1" diameter tube and can have either Open Loop hangers, or Closed Loop for a non-removable solution. Hanger Slots are on a standard 2 1/2" centers and use Open Loop hangers Hanger Hooks on all four sides of the rack shelf are spaced on 1 1/2" centers and are staggered 1" vertically hook-to-hook for ease of access.
Free Standing, Cantilever Single Rack Free Standing, Double Rack
Free Standing, Single Rack Free Standing, Wire Shelf w/ Hanger Slots
Free Standing, Wire Shelf w/ Hanger Tube Free Standing, Wire Shelf w/ Hooks
Gowning Rack Hangers Hanger Bar Kit for Existing Shelving
Hanger Locking Bars for Hanger Bar Racks Hanger Tubes
Hanger tubes attach easily to the underside of any wire metro shelf.
Wall Mounted