Cleanroom Construction

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We are your Cleanroom Experts

Whether you are building a new cleanroom, adding onto an existing one, or need furniture, equipment or consumables, our experts can get you started. Give us a call, and we'll discuss your needs to find a solution that's perfect for your application and budget.

Should you buy a CleanPro® cleanroom, we can handle all phases of the project from design through manufacture, installation and validation.

We can help you maintain your cleanroom into the future, too. We stay up to date on the latest regulations and testing standards so we'll be your resource as needs change.

Please feel free to give us a call at (888) 903-0333, or email us at [email protected]. Our staff is here to help you.

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom

Hardwall Cleanrooms

By coordinating our network of vendors, our turnkey cleanroom service consolidates planning, design, construction, assembly, and certification into a single point of contact.

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Softwall Cleanroom Enclosure

Softwall Cleanrooms

Learn more about our turnkey and built-to-order softwall cleanroom options. Our low-cost, easy-to-assemble softwall enclosures can be easily adapted for any application.

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Cleanroom Strip Door Curtains

Strip Door Curtains

Our strip door curtains and mounting systems can be used to create a standalone cleanroom, or independently within an existing cleanroom to create smaller isolation areas.

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Suspended Isolation Area

AirBlock Isolation Area

Our turnkey suspended isolation area consists of a ceiling grid, HEPA filters, sealed lights, tiles, and curtain, which are mounted from above for achieving up to ISO Class 6 certification.

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Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom Anemometer Air Flow Monitor

Air Flow Monitors

Air Flow Monitors, or Anemometers, measure and monitor the air velocity, air pressure and more in your cleanroom.

Cleanroom Particle Counter

Particle Counters

Measure and monitor particulate contamination in air, fluid, liquids or on surfaces with these particle counters.

Cleanroom Monitoring Solutions

Cleanroom Monitoring

Get real time reporting, alarm conditions, and instant traceability from our sophisticated monitoring systems for critical applications.

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Cleanroom Components

CleanPro® Cleanroom T-Grid Ceiling


Suspended ceilings with gasketed grids or ultra-clean flush face ceilings adapt to a wide range of applications for manufacturing or pharmaceutical preparations and packaging.

CleanPro® Cleanroom Lights


Our sealed cleanroom light fixtures allow roomside re-lamping and ballast removal without contaminating clean areas, and are available in flat panel and teardrop styles.

CleanPro® Fan Filter Units

Fan Filter Units

CleanPro® self-contained 99.99% efficient HEPA or 99.9995% efficient ULPA-equipped fan filter units are available for a variety of critical applications.

CleanPro® Terminal Diffusers

Terminal Diffusers

Terminal Diffusers allow for ducted air filtration where ceiling space is limited. Roomside replaceable and non-roomside replaceable models are available.

Cleanseal Cleanroom Doors


Our cleanroom doors address a range of compliance standards, including those in cGMP, pharmaceutical & biotech environments.

CleanPro® Pass-Thrus


CleanPro® pass-thru cabinets allow you to move a product from one environment to another without affecting the cleanliness levels in your cleanroom.

CleanPro® Air Showers

Air Showers

CleanPro® cleanroom air shower entry systems decontaminate workers and products entering a cleanroom environment, quickly and effectively removing contamination.

CleanPro® Cleanroom Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Learn about our cost-effective insert wall panels, or look at our load-bearing sandwich-style wall panels for a broader range of features such as higher R-values and fire protection.

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CleanPro® Cleanroom Windows


Our windows provide a range of solutions to reveal cleanroom operation status, current capacity, enhance supervision, and ensure collision-free entry and exit.

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CleanPro® Cleanroom Floors


Our selection of cleanroom flooring options were chosen to provide a range of cost-effective options that are guaranteed to maintain a high quality, smooth, and easy-to-clean surface.

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CleanPro® Cleanroom Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

The CleanPro® HEPA Air Purifier helps prevent the spread of airborne contaminates, and is ideal for hospital, healthcare, clean room and other critical environments.