Garment & Supply Dispensers

Our selection of dispensers, bins, and holders organize your cleanroom garments, gloves, hats, booties and other apparel. Additional models are made to hold pipettes, well plates, glove boxes, safety glasses, wipers, notebooks and many other cleanroom accessories. Benchtop or space-saving wall mounted dispensers ensure that you can find a dispenser to fit nearly any gowning room. Our recommended Gowning Room Design & Protocol can help you determine which dispensers you need.

Our dispensers are available in four materials:

  • Stainless Steel Dispensers minimize particle generation and inhibit microbial growth, and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Acrylic Dispensers provide visibility and strength, but are susceptible to damage from alcohol and other cleaning agents.
  • PVC Dispensers are static dissipative, preventing the buildup of static charges that attract particles.
  • Polypropylene Dispensers provide strength and resistance to cleaning chemicals.
Stainless Steel Cleanroom Consumables Dispenser

Apparel Dispensers

Apparel dispensers are a convenient, simple solution for organizing gloves, consumable garments and other PPE apparel.

Acrylic Cleanroom Safety Glasses Dispenser

Eyewear Dispensers

These eyewear dispensers feature sloped compartments for safely storing and dispensing safety glasses.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Garments Dispenser

Garment Dispensers

Keep your cleanroom garments readily available and organized with these garment dispensers and storage bins.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Gloves Dispenser

Glove Dispensers

Clean, benchtop or wall mount solutions for dispensing gloves in cleanrooms or labs. Easy open lids make restocking simple.

Acrylic Cleanroom Glove Box  Holder

Glove Box Holders

These wall-mounted glove box holders provide convenient access to disposable gloves, while saving valuable counter space.

Acrylic Cleanroom Wipes Dispenser

Wiper Dispensers

Load and remove cleanroom wipes with ease using these handy, benchtop single sheet wipe dispensers.

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

Shoe Cover Dispensers

Our automatic, hands-free shoe cover dispensers and removers save time and eliminate cross-contamination.

Cleanroom Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment Cabinets

Versatile storage cabinets let you customize rack and shelf combinations to organizational your cleanroom garments.