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Pipe & Joint Systems

Proform Pipe & Joint Systems
Proform Bin Cart Proform Bulletin Board Proform Flow Rack

Make your idea a reality with Proform!

The Proform Pipe & Joint System allows you to design and create a vast array of structures. This dynamic and flexible system is easy to assemble and is well suited for industrial applications. Its common uses include shelves, trolleys, work tables, and flow racks. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Benefits of the Proform Pipe & Joint System:

  • Flexible and versatile.
  • Lightweight materials are easy to handle.
  • Clean and durable with a professional look.
  • Easy assembly with only basic tools.
  • Easy to disassemble and reuse components.
  • No welding required - easily make changes or correct mistakes in assembly.
  • Completely maintenance-free.

Proform Solutions

Proform has a variety of structures for many common industrial applications. Just select your product and answer a few questions about the features and specifications you need, and we'll send you a quote.

Proform Pipe & Joint Workstation Proform Pipe & Joint Utility Cart Proform Pipe & Joint Gravity Flow Rack


Carts & Trolleys

Gravity Flow Racks

Proform workstations are great for general assembly, automotive and electronic component manufacturing, inspection tables and packing tables.

Proform pipes, joints and accessories can be used to build utility and transport carts, picking trolleys, tool trolleys and many other kinds of transport carts.

The Proform Pipe & Joint system lends itself to endless variations of static and mobile gravity flow racks, FIFO systems, picking systems & industrial racks.

Proform Height Adjustable Gravity Flow System Create and Customize Endlessly!

Create a boundless, automated production flow. View our gallery of images and videos showing the limitless configurations of pipe and joint systems used by companies like Ford, GM, and Samsung.

Buy Components Individually

We also offer all Proform components for purchase individually. Let your imagination run wild!

Proform Pipe Proform Joint Proform Polycarbonate Sheet Proform Roller Proform Roller Bracket Proform Roller Guide
Pipes Joints Sheets Rollers Roller Brackets Roller Guides
Proform Pipe End Cap Proform Slide Bracket Proform Clamp Proform Foot Proform Caster Proform Caster Hardware
End Caps Slide Brackets Clamps & Hooks Feet Casters Caster Hardware
Proform Overhead Workbench Light Proform Steel Base Proform Fastener Proform Label Holders Proform Pneumatics Proform Joint Covers
Workbench Lights Steel Bases Fasteners Label Holders Pneumatic Accessories Protection
Proform Aluminum Guard Proform Monitor Arm
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