Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Operation & Maintenance Protocols Cleanroom Operation & Maintenance Protocols

This handbook is designed to provide recommendations for establishing gowning room or ante-room layouts, as well as gowning, hand wash, wipe-down, working and janitorial procedures. Learn more.

Successful implementation of gowning room design and gowning protocol requires tight delivery of high-grade consumable supplies. Search a wide selection of consumable supplies with low pricing and in-stock availability for use in cleanrooms, sterile bio-pharmaceutical applications, medical device manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, and more. Select from cleanroom consumables curated by in-house experts to meet or exceed crucial manufacturing standards.

Our warehouses throughout North America and Latin America maintain a wide selection of high-integrity cleanroom consumables with in-stock availability at the lowest possible cost. Our cleanroom portfolio includes all critical PPE in various disposable and reusable substrates: coveralls, frocks, lab coats, sleeves, shoe covers, gloves, bouffant caps, high efficiency masks and N95 protection to meet your ISO 14644-1, USP 797-800, cGMP and ANSI/ESD S20.20 manufacturing protocols.

Scale your production with bulk solvents, acids and bases in Laboratory, NF, ACS, USP, Sterile, and Reagent grades. Find additional cleaning supplies, tacky mats, dry or pre-saturated wipes and more (see selection guide), all available with special bulk pricing. Let’s customize your products to meet your manufacturing needs, it’s what we’re here for. Production Automation provides decades of experience and product experts on-staff, which connect you to the correct supplies for your facility or application. Work with a trusted ally of fortune-level organizations, top research labs, and government organizations like NASA, the FAA, and NIH.

Cleanroom Garments

Garments & Apparel

Keep your cleanroom stocked & supplied with cleanroom garments, protective apparel, gloves, shoe covers, and more.

Cleanroom Sticky Mat

Sticky Mats

Shop disposable sticky mats with 30 peel-able layers, or permanent tack-regenerating mats for larger, high-traffic areas.

Cleanroom Wipers

Wipes & Solvents

Shop cleanroom wipes, swabs, applicators, and solvents; including isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and ethanol.

Cleanroom Tape

Packaging & Tape

Cleanroom bags, pouches, tape, and tubing are ideal for packaging semiconductor wafer boxes, medical devices, and more.

Cleanroom Blade

Cleanroom Blades

GEM cleanroom blades provide smooth, precise cuts. Available in stainless steel or carbon steel.

Cleanroom Paper

Cleanroom Paper

Our cleanroom paper and notebooks work with all standard office equipment, like high speed laser copiers/printers.