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Packing & Shipping Benches
Free Design Assistance

Our expert sales staff can help you layout an entire floor of workstations. Submit your CAD file and let us do the rest.
Workbenches from BenchPro

Built with a 16 gauge tubular steel frame and legs that have a 1/4" thick steel plate welded inside, BenchPro benches withstand loads up to 5,000 lbs.

4-Leg K-Series Workbenches from BenchPro
4-Leg Height Adjustable A-Series Workbenches from BenchPro
4-Leg Height Adj.
Light Duty R-Series Workbenches from BenchPro
Light Duty
Heavy Duty H-Series Workbenches from BenchPro
Heavy Duty
BenchPro Packing Bench
Packing Benches
BenchPro Workbench Accessories
Arlink Lista Workstations

Lista/Arlink's adaptable systems make customizing individual or multiple workstations fast and easy. ListaXpress workbenches ship in 3-5 business days.

7000 Series 4-Leg Adaptable Workbenches from Lista/Arlink
Arlink 8000 Series Workstation
Mobile Bases for Lista/Arlink 8000 Series Workstations
Mobile Bases
Align Adjustable Height Workstations from Lista
Height Adjustable
Lista Pedestal Base Workbench
Pedestal Bases
Arlink Vertical Space Integrator Accessory System
IAC Industries Workstations

Quick ship workstations from IAC are unsurpassed in delivering improved efficiency anywhere workers are either seated or standing on the job.

Dimension 4 Modular Workstation from IAC
D4 Workstations
Workmaster 4-Leg Workstation from IAC
Height Adjustable Workstation from IAC
Height Adjustable
Quick Ship Packing Workstation from IAC
Packing Stations
Quick Ship Smart Mobile Station from IAC
Mobile Stations
IAC Multi-Task System
Production Basics Workbenches

Production Basics has durable, ergonomic workbenches equipped for the laboratory, the loading dock, and every department in between.

RTW Series 4-Leg Workbenches from Production Basics
C-Leg Series Cantilevered Workbenches from Production Basics
Easy-Lift Manual Crank Height Adjustable Workbenches from Production Basics
Manual Adjust
Easy-Lift Electric Height Adjustable Workbenches from Production Basics
Electric Adjust
Quad Stations from Production Basics
Quad Workstations
Production Basics Workbench Accessories
Pro-Line Workbenches

Pro-Line offers quick ship & pre-configured workstations, as well as the only line of "Bench-in-a-Box" products, with everything you need to get to work in one box.

4-Leg Basic Workstations from Pro-Line
Cantilevered Workstations from Pro-Line
Manual Height Adjust Workstations from Pro-Line
Manual Adjust
Electric Height Adjust Workstations from Pro-Line
Electric Adjust
Packing Benches from Pro-Line
Packing Benches
Pro-Line Workbench Accessories
Lista Cabinets

These smart, versatile cabinets from Lista & Vidmar offer long-lasting, heavy duty storage with options that fit in even the most compact areas.

Vidmar Cabinets
Vidmar Cabinets
Stationary Cabinets from Lista
Mobile Cabinets from Lista
Mobile Cabinets
Technician Series Toolboxes from Lista
Lista Storage Wall System
Storage Walls
Lista Pedestal Base Workbench
Pedestal Bases