Cleanroom Mops

Contec Cleanroom Mop Handle

Mop Handles

Cleanroom mop handles feature cleanroom-safe aluminum or stainless steel shafts to eliminate particulate contamination.

Foamtec Cleanroom Mop Head Frame

Mop Head Frames

Mop head frames are designed to work with eMop, Micronova, Roll-O-Matic®, TruClean™ & VertiKlean® systems.

Foamtec Cleanroom Mop Head

Mop Heads

Cleanroom mop heads that are guaranteed to be safe for critical environments and free of any particulate-generating materials.

Foamtec Cleanroom Mop Bucket

Mop Buckets

Cleanroom mop buckets are made from stainless steel and polypropylene to prevent and particulate contamination.