High-Performance Sockets

High Performance Sockets from Ironwood Electronics

The demand for fast signals within wireless communications are pushing the component test socket market. Testing of components for wireless use requires a socket to give accurate, repeatable test results. A high number of device insertions is required plus the ability to function at required high frequencies.

Reliability and performance is important. We offer high-performance test sockets from Ironwood Electronics and several other manufacturers, and can quickly match your requirement with the appropriate socket design.

75GHz Signal Speed for BGA & QFN
Sockets for Prototype & Test Applications
Embedded Gold Plated Wire Elastomer
Sockets for High Bandwidth Applications
Embedded Silver Ball Elastomer Matrix
Sockets for High Bandwidth & Endurance
GT Contact Sockets for Prototype & Test Applications Elastomer Sockets for High Bandwidth Applications Embedded Silver Ball Elastomer Matrix

BGA sockets and QFN sockets using GT contact technology provide >75GHz signal speed in a smallest footprint for prototype and test applications. These sockets support pitches from 0.15mm to 1.27mm. Standard sizes typically ship within 5 days ARO.

Ironwood's GHz BGA & QFN/MLF sockets are ideal for prototyping and testing almost any BGA or QFN device application. These ZIF sockets provide excellent signal integrity yet remain cost effective. These sockets utilize Innovative elastomer interconnect technology that delivers low signal loss (1dB at 8 or 10GHz) and supports BGA or QFN/MLF pitches down to 0.3mm.

Ironwood Electronics SM/SMP socket uses SM & SMP contact technology for high speed, low inductance, high endurance and wide temperature applications. SM Contact is a unique contact that has precise silver balls held together by a proprietary conductive formulation. Solutions are available for 0.25mm to 1.27mm LGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, POP, WLP and other packages.