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ESD Flooring & Finishes

FreeStyle Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

Seamless ESD Floor Tiles

Vinyl tiles with hidden interlocks install over many surfaces, including existing carpet, and are the best solution for cart traffic.

SelecTile Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

Conductive or dissipative interlocking tiles are the fastest modular solution, and feature raised surfaces for added traction.

OhmStyle Conductive Carpet Tiles

Conductive Carpet Tiles

Conductive carpet tiles will dramatically improve the appearance of any work space environment.

ESD Flooring Rolls

ESD Flooring Rolls

This durable vinyl or rubber ESD flooring is so easy to install, it can be done yourself at a fraction of the price.

ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat

ESD Mats & Runners

Conductive or dissipative ESD mats and runners protect sensitive equipment and components from damage.

ESD Floor Finishes

ESD Floor Finishes

Turn your concrete warehouse floor into a permanently conductive floor with our ESD floor finish products.

How To Ground ESD Flooring for ISO S20.20 Compliance

All conductors in the environment, including personnel, shall be bonded or electrically connected and attached to a known ground or contrived ground (as on shipboard or on aircraft). This attachment creates an equipotential balance between all items and personnel. Electrostatic protection can be maintained at a potential above a "zero" voltage ground potential as long as all items in the system are at the same potential. Learn More.

OhmStyle Conductive Carpet Application What is Conductive Flooring?

Electrically conductive flooring is sometimes (semi-accurately) referred to as anti-static conductive flooring, which is defined by having an electric resistance of between 104 and 1015 Ohms. Conductive materials have low electrical resistance, and thus allow static charges to flow easily across its surface. Triboelectric charges generated by moving feet dissipate quickly through a grounded surface which is slightly conductive but not overtly. Learn more.