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Mobile Workstation Carts

Converting a stationary workplace into a mobile one is the easiest, most economical way to increase productivity of your current workers and infrastructure. Our selection of mobile workstation carts and power systems let you take your workstations wherever they are needed. Transport and power your barcode printers, laptops, PCs, scales and other electronic equipment for up to 8-12 hours at a time. Common applications include:

  • Warehouses & Distribution: Maximize supply chain efficiency is an ongoing goal of progressive organizations. Mobile workstations deployed in a wireless facility can help support ERP and WMS systems to achieve optimal productivity.
  • Manufacturing: Mobile workstations support lean manufacturing principals that require greater operational flexibility.
  • Retail: Performing tasks at the point of activity saves time, improves accuracy and keeps sales personnel on the floor, ready to help your customers.
  • Healthcare: Mobile carts can function as standard clinical documentation carts, laptop carts, medication workstations, dual monitor workstations or telehealth/telemedicine workstations.

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ESI WOW Mobile Workstation IAC Smart Mobile Station Newcastle Mobile Computer Cart
Mobile Workstations
IAC Industries
Smart Mobile Workstations
Mobile Computer Carts

Make your technology mobile with a Workstation on Wheels from ESI, featuring a pneumatic lift platform on a 5-star base and heavy-duty casters. It can be outfitted with additional monitor mount and CPU holder accessories.

Efficiently move and use laptop or desktop class computers and displays, print devices, scanning equipment, testing and maintenance tools, and even components, supplies and finished products.

Newcastle's full line of wireless workstations with integrated power supplies are designed to transport and power high-volume barcode printers, laptops, PCs, scales and other electronic equipment for 8-12 hours at a time.

Battery Systems

Newcastle PowerSwap Nucleus Battery Newcastle PowerSwap NB Series Battery Newcastle PowerPack Mega Series Battery Newcastle PowerPack Ultra Series Battery
PowerSwap Nucleus PowerSwap NB PowerPack Mega PowerPack Ultra
Supports up to 460 Watt Hours Supports up to 1,000 Watts Supports up to 350 Watts
Battery: Lithium Ion Lead Acid Lead Acid Lead Acid
Capacity: 36 AH 100 AH (1-Battery System)
200 AH (2-Battery System)
100 AH (1-Battery System)
200 AH (2-Battery System)
26 AH
Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours Up to 24 Hours Up to 10 Hours Up to 8 Hours
Hot Swappable: Yes No No No
Recharge Time: 4-6 Hours 2-5 Hours (1-Battery System)
8-10 Hours (2-Battery System)
3-5 Hours (1-Battery System)
8-10 Hours (2-Battery System)
8 Hours
Recharge Cycles: Up to 3,000 Cycles 200-500 Cycles 200-500 Cycles 200-500 Cycles
Weight: 11 lbs. 318 lbs. (1-Battery System)
468 lbs. (2-Battery System)
120 lbs. (1-Battery System)
190 lbs. (2-Battery System)
32 lbs.