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Production Automation Supplies Authentic Laboratory Equipment for the World's Top 100 Facilities

Medical and science laboratories require reliable supply chain and authentic products. We connect industrial, critical, and advanced technology facilities with proven brands of furniture, carts, instruments, garments, and consumables. The world's top healthcare, medical device, and research facilities depend on us to deliver in-stock items faster so that operation continues without interruption. Production Automation is a universal source of laboratory supplies with thousands of ready-to-ship items from physical locations throughout the United States and Central America. Our product specialists ensure that you find the ideal item at the lowest cost possible. Contact us for information on bulk discounts, or get help identifying products that meet your regulatory and organizational standards.

Lab Workstation Furniture

Lab & Healthcare Furniture

Outfit your lab or healthcare environment with carts, seating, storage, workstation furniture and more.

Starsys Lab Carts

Lab & Healthcare Carts

Choose from standard polymer utility carts, mobile workstation carts or carts with specialized storage for labs and hospitals.

Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

Shop for temperature control, mixing and shaking equipment, precision measurement, cleaning and sterilizing equipment.

Lab Coats & Scrubs


Fashion Seal's line of affordable lab coat and scrub uniforms provide a selection of comfortable and stylish garments.

Consumable Lab PPE

Gloves & Safety Wear

Keep your lab or healthcare environment stocked with consumable garments, gloves, cleaners & more.

Lab Wipes

Consumable Supplies

Keep your lab or healthcare environment stocked with wipers, swabs, and cleaning chemicals and solvents.