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Floor Mats

Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, relief and safety to anyone performing a standing job task.

Cleanroom Anti-Fatigue Mat

Cleanroom Mats

Cleanroom mats are made of materials that are safe for critical environments and are designed to withstand frequent cleaning and sterilization.

Waterhog Entryway Mat

Entryway Mats

Keep your floors clean using a three stage entry mat system, which includes outdoor mats, scraper mats and interior wiper mats. Logo Mats Available.

ESD Runner Mat

ESD Mats & Runners

Static dissipative and conductive ESD mats and runners protect sensitive equipment and components from damage from electrostatic discharge.

Food Service Wet Mat

Food Service Mats

Kitchen and food service mats are designed to withstand the spills, grease, chemicals and wear common to food preparation environments.

Modular Industrial Mat

Modular/Industrial Mats

Modular and runner mats are designed to cover large industrial facilities. Available in drain-through, grease-resistant, welding and switchboard styles.

Military Switchboard Mat

Switchboard Mats

Non-conductive switchboard matting insulates workers, protecting from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment.

Sticky Mats

When placed at the transition from a dirty to a clean environment, sticky mats will remove most of the dirt and grime that is carried in from shoe traffic.