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Cleanroom Furniture

Perf Top Stainless Steel Cleanroom Table

Cleanroom Tables

Cleanroom tables are available with solid, perforated or rod tops and brushed or electropolished finishes. Alcohol wiped and cleanroom bagged.

Cleanroom Workbench


Our cleanroom tables and workstations are all certified for ISO Class 1 use, and are available with several frame and work surface options.

Laminar Flow Bench

Laminar Flow Benches

Laminar flow benches feature HEPA or ULPA air filtered work-space environments for use in pharmaceutical or hospital applications.

Polyurethane Cleanroom Chair

Cleanroom Chairs

Our cleanroom chairs feature vinyl and self-skinning polyurethane options that are made specifically for critical environments.

Cleanroom Garment Cabinet

Cleanroom Cabinets

Our selection of cleanroom cabinets includes options for general storage, garments, and WIP materials.

Cleanroom Utility Carts

Cleanroom Carts

These cleanroom carts are available with open wire or solid stainless steel shelves and can be outfitted with autoclavable casters and accessories.

Cleanroom Wire Shelf

Wire Shelving

Wire shelves provide an affordable, modular cleanroom storage solution. The open design of wire shelves allows for unobstructed air flow.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Step Ladder

Step Ladders

These step ladders are made of electropolished stainless steel and feature moon cup casters that retract when weight is applied.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Supply Dispenser


Our acrylic, PVC, polypropylene and stainless steel dispensers are great for dispensing apparel, gloves, bouffant caps, shoe covers and other PPE supplies.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Waste Receptacle

Waste Receptacles

Our cleanroom waste receptacles are available in electropolished stainless steel, epoxy-coated steel, or polypropylene, and feature hands-free operation.

Cleanroom Anti-Fatigue Mat

Cleanroom Mats

Our cleanroom mats are made of materials that are safe for critical environments and are designed to withstand frequent cleaning and sterilization.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Shelf

Custom Shelves

We offer custom cleanroom-safe free-standing and wall mounted shelving. Each style has many sizes to fit your particular space.

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Custom Polypropylene Cleanroom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Our custom polypropylene cleanroom furniture can be built to your size and specifications. We will work to build you a solution within your budget.

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Stainless Steel Cleanroom Sink

Cleanroom Sinks

Our cleanroom sinks are can be built to your exact specifications and are completely modular, so drawers or shelves can be easily added at any time.

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